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The Firebrand Discipleship Course

The Discipleship Course is a 12-week course designed to equip the student with knowledge and understanding of the word of God and to adhere to the principles taught forth by the Word of God. Holding true to Bible principles that will empower the believer to go out into the world and make Disciples as Jesus Christ commanded according to Matthew 28:19-20.



Membership : Online Regisitration

Duration  : 12 weeks, in class one session per week (unless scheduled otherwise)

Instructor’s name : Rev. Evans and Rev. Ashley Kariuki

Class Locations & Class Hours:

  • Youth Aflame International – Nairobi (Kenya)  see map @ 2:30-4:30 pm EAT
  • Eternal Life Harvest Church – Knoxville,Tennessee (USA) see map @ 2:30-4:30 pm EST
  • Remote Classes (strictly to registered accounts only) register/login here .

Helpline : +254728338134 (Kenya) , +1 (865) 742-2001 (USA)
Email :



  1. Onsite Classes – classes taking place in a physical location in a physical classroom environment.
  2. Remote classes / Online Classes – classes taking place through an online platform where student & instructor cannot physically



  • Understand the importance of spiritual growth, experience personal spiritual growth, and comprehend the biblical foundations for the concept of helping others grow in Christian discipleship and ability to make disciples makers.
  • Interact cognitively, affectively, and experientially with the spiritual disciplines and achieve the objectives listed in each discipline of the 400 Discipleship curriculum related to Bible Study, Prayer, Spiritual Authority, Spiritual Warfare, and Worship.
  • Through theological reflection and self-reflection (i.e., evaluation), integrate methods and principles into his/her own disciple making process.
  • Understand a reproducible process of making disciples makers.
  • Evaluate literature related to disciple-making
  • Evaluate current disciple-making strategies within his/her own church and plan improvement strategies utilizing course content


Students must be able to do the following:

  • You must have access to a computer. Class assignments must be submitted online.
  • For onsite classes , you must be available when the scheduled session begins, and you must remain in class, a part of the discussion, to the end of class.
  • For remote classes , a student`s online activity is measurable through analytics and will be taken into consideration in grading & performance evaluation .
  • The purpose of the meetings will be to teach the student in the 400 Discipleship Course material.

Course Schedule/Outline/Calendar of Events :

Week Topic Reading /Assignment
0 Orientation What is a Disiciple? Memory Verses
1 The Process of Change 2 Videos and 2 Study Guides Section 1
2 True Character: Saul vs. David 2 Videos and 2 Study Guides Section 2
3 The Six Foundational Doctrines of Christ 6 Videos and 6 Study Guides Section 3
4 True Authority in Christ 2 Videos and 2 Study Guides Section 4
5 Intimacy with God 8 Videos and 8 Study Guides Section 5
6 Writing the Word on Your Heart 4 Videos and 4 Study Guides Section 6
7 The Attributes of a Leader 4 Videos and 4 Study Guides Section 7
8 Overcoming Temptation 4 Videos and 4 Study Guides Section 8
9 God’s Anointing and the Covenant Blessing 4 Videos and 4 Study Guides Section 9
10 The Battle of the Mind 4 Video and 4 Study Guides Section 10
11 The Armor of God and Spiritual Warfare 8 Videos and 8 Study Guides Section 11

Attendance, Evaluation Procedures & Grading Criteria

The following policies will to be observed in the duration of this course :

1. Absences :

  • In this course, there are no allotted onsite classroom absences.
  • Arriving late or leaving early from an onsite class will equal an absence.

2. Late assignments submissions

  • Personal time management is as much a requisite skill for ministry as is mastery of the course content.
  • Assignments are required to be submitted to this online classroom platform .
  • Late submissions will be automatically penalized 10% for each date late including weekends.
  • Late assignments will not be accepted one week beyond the original due date, no exceptions.
  • No grades of Incomplete will be issued for this course.
  • If a late assignment is not received, a grade of “F” is automatically earned for the course.

3. Exams

There will be weekly exams at each session

Grading Scale :

  • A 100-90
  • B 89-80
  • C 79- 70
  • D 69-60
  • F 59 or lower

Class Grading Breakdown:

  • Attendance 10pts per class= 120pts
  • Weekly Exams 100pts per exam= 1100pts
  • What is a Disciple Assignment (beginning term)= 50pts
  • What is a Disciple Assignment (ending term) = 50pts
  • Total Class points 1320pts


Lastly ;

On course completion , you will receive a certificate .

A verified certificate from us can provide proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed an online course.

Verified certificates require you to verify your identity using a webcam and a government-issued ID, so employers and schools know that you completed the course work .

Happy Learning ! – Go Grow in what God has called you to be .

Course Reviews


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    After thoroughly studying the discipleship course the transformation i deeply felt within me was amazing, knowing that i know can understand reasons why prayer lessons are very crucial and important and knowing the dues and dont’s in life and the people around us and how we treat each other.When i started the process of change i did not get it ,but just studied for the sake of it ,but when i got time, i got deep into the study and the scriptures and it amazed me how much i missed what God wanted me to understand his word. It is said that we perish due to lack of knowledge, this is the knowledge people out there deserve to listen to.knowledge is never enough for us/me so as i continue into the other lessons i believe in transformation.

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