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Spiritual Authority

This is a study into spiritual authority in application to God, His people and in the world. I pray you will gain a deeper understanding of God and Jesus as the Christ and Lord. Through this course and its materials I pray you will gain knowledge in submission and authority in all aspects as it pertains to God, and to man.

Spiritual Formation

This course focuses on the development of the believer’s deep spiritual life. Attention is given to loyalty, the spiritual disciplines, prayer, and the biblical nature of ones calling, ministry, true character, and the relation of spiritual formation to the doctrine of personal sanctification.


The Discipleship Course is a 8-week course designed to equip the student with knowledge and understanding of the word of God and to adhere to the principles taught forth by the Word of God. Holding true to Bible principles that will empower the believer to go out into the world and make Disciples as Jesus Christ commanded according to Matthew 28:19-20.

Basic Biblical Hermeneutics

An overview of approaches and methods used in Biblical interpretation with attention given to styles which strengthen personal spiritual growth and Biblical knowledge, including the factors or presuppositions, historical context, figurative language, and genre.


The apex of all Christian endeavor must become to place the jewel of a soul in the crown of our Savior that the lamb of God slain may receive the reward of His suffering.
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