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New Testament

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    INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Ashley Kariuki


    Firebrand School of Ministry is a biblically-based community
    of higher learning called to educate and train Christian leaders in academic
    excellence, moral integrity, spiritual intensity and physical purity to be
    agents of change and models of character and to serve Christ professionally in
    the advancement of His kingdom


    At historical and thematic survey of the contents and
    theological issues of each New Testament book, with particular attention given
    to the cultural, historical, literary genre, and geographical preparation of
    the world for the birth of Christ, and the impact of the Gospel message in New
    Testament times.


    Upon successful completion of this course the student should
    know the following:

    A. Know the central theme and the key verses of each of the
    books of the New Testament.

    B. Understand the unique characteristics of each of the
    books of the New Testament.

    C. Be able to articulate the historical and cultural
    background for the writing of each New Testament book.

    D. Come to a greater revelation of the person of Jesus


    The Holy Bible (the KJV and NKJV will be used in class).

    Elwell, Walter A. Encountering the New Testament, Second
    Edition. Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2005.


    Gundry, Robert H. A Survey of the New Testament. Zondervan’s
    Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI, 1970.

    Tenney, Merrill C. New Testament Survey. William B.
    Eerdman’s Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI, 1985.


    The method of instruction will include lecture along with
    class discussion. The student will be encouraged to be involved and interact
    with reading and writing assignments.


    1. Regular and punctual attendance is a must. A student may
    receive an Excused absence for a sickness that has been verified by a physician
    or an emergency (death in the family). Students should not be tardy since this
    interrupts prayer, scripture reading, or the lecture. Students who are tardy
    will need to sign the tardy sheet. Three tardy equals one absence.

    2. There will be one exam in this course, the Mid Term exam
    to be completed by Friday, September 6, 2019 at 11:59pm covering weeks 1-5

    3. There will be two pop quizzes in this class. The dates of
    these quizzes will not be announced in class so the student needs to be

    4. Final Written Assignment- A three page typed paper is due
    for this class. The paper can be double spaced with (1) inch margins. This
    paper is due by Friday, October 4, 2019, at 11:59pm. This assignment is a three
    page double spaced paper with 12 point font. In this paper students may choose
    from the following topics: The Parables of Jesus Christ, The Synoptic Gospels,
    Church of Acts vs Church of Today, Epistles of the New Testament, The
    Revelation of Jesus Christ, Churches of the New Testament, Life and Ministry of
    the Apostle Paul. If the paper is not turned in by Friday, October 4, 2019 at
    11:59pm, you will automatically receive a zero for this assignment, no late
    papers accepted.


    Regular and punctual attendance is essential for
    satisfactory completion of the program of study at Firebrand School of
    Ministry. The impartation received both cognitive and experientially is
    important to the student’s training for their future ministry. Attendance is
    required to receive this impartation. ALL students are expected to attend ALL
    classes, complete ALL assigned work and take ALL required examinations.

    Ten percent (10%) of the student’s final grade will be
    determined by class participation. It is the student’s responsibility to make
    sure they are present and on time for each and every class and that the
    instructor records their attendance. If the student misses class for ANY
    reason, they will not receive credit for class participation for that class.
    Arriving ten (10) or more minutes after the class is scheduled to being results
    in being counted absent. Missing more than 5 class sessions automatically
    results in failure of the course.

    Being tardy will negatively affect the student’s
    participation grade. Tardiness in each class will be monitored as part of
    attendance. Classes will begin promptly at 7pm, according to the classroom
    clock. Students are expected to be seated in the classroom when classes begin.
    Students who arrive in a classroom after the scheduled time for class to begin
    will be considered tardy for that class. Three times tardy in the course
    constitutes an absence.

    Early examinations are not allowed. Late examinations are
    administered only when extenuating circumstances are present (such as a death
    in the family the week before An exam, sudden and major illness the week of exams
    that is documented by a Physician). In fairness to all students, some persons
    should not have more time to Prepare for an examination than others should.

    Classroom behavior MUST be conducive to an atmosphere of
    learning with respect of the rights of your classmates and instructor. Each and
    every student should feel comfortable participating in all classroom
    discussions. All comments during the class informed with respect to the
    assigned readings so the rest of the class can follow your point(s). You are
    fully expected to arrive in class having completed ALL assigned readings and
    ready to participate in the discussion. It is up to the student to seek
    additional assistance in the event that they are having difficulty
    comprehending and digesting materials. Feel free to approach the instructor and
    inform him of any such problems, since its impossible to discern such issues
    without your assistance. People who are NOT registered for the class ARE NOT
    permitted to attend the class without a visitor’s badge. At NO time are
    underage children allowed to attend class.

    Keeping careful and complete notes in classes is important.
    Assignments should be typewritten or carefully handwritten in ink. Written work
    is to be the student’s own work. Plagiarism is wrong and will result in
    disciplinary action, therefore, all sources must be given when quoting
    material. All students are expected to have regular access to a personal
    computer and an Internet provider.

    The official grade scale is published below and will be the official
    standard for reporting all final grades to the Student Records and for posting
    on the student transcript. Institutional Grading Scale is as follows.

    98-100 A+

    88-89 B+

    78-79 C+

    68-69 D+

    59 and below F

    93-97 A

    83-87 B

    73-77 C

    63-67 D

    90-92 A-

    80-82 B-

    70-72 C-

    62-60 D-


    Always do assignments two to three weeks ahead of time so
    there is no excuse for late work. Assignments are due at the beginning of class
    on the date due.


    Grades for this course will be determined by the following:

    Attendance 20%

    Participation 20%

    Quizzes 20%

    Mid Term Exam 20%

    Final Paper 20%

    TOTAL: 100%

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